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Your Local Mole catcher – If you are having a problem with moles destroying your garden then you will need the professional service of a local mole catcher. They are different from a general pest control service becuase they speacialise in removing moles from lawns, paddock and fields 365 days a year!
Mole Catching – Catching moles for a amateur is often one of the most frustration things. Moles are very sensitive to any change in their environment and can also smell anything that has come into human contact which makes catching them almost impossible at times.
Catching Moles in Dorking – Mole catchers use the traditional practice of trapping, which to this day is the most humane procedure available. Traps are discreetly placed within the moles underground tunnel system dispatching them instantly.
Controlling Moles – Once a mole has been removed from your garden this may not be the end of the trouble. Depending on your location in Dorking another mole from a neighboring field may move in to take up residence. Most mole catchers will give you a period of time at a discounted rate in case this happens.
Cost – Unlike a pest control service a mole specialist will discuss all costs upfront. Normally the customer is charged a fixed price per mole caught. The average price in Dorking for a mole catcher is between £90 – £140.
Get Rid Of Your Moles – The breeding season starts around March so it is good practice to have them removed before this time to reduce the potential numbers!

Your local mole control service is –

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Mark Fearn

Call: 07704 037 526 – Please leave a message if I don’t answer

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Price – First Mole Caught For Only £90 – Discounts Apply For Other Moles – No Mole NO Fee Service

Opening Hours – 7 days a week

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Mark is a member of the British mole catcher register.

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