Mole Catchers in Kent

 If you have a mole problem whether it’s a few mole hills on the lawn to a large infestation then please call one of our Kent mole catchers.

Many people try to deal with moles without the use of a professional mole catcher.

You may be lucky enough to catch the odd mole using cheap traps bought in the local store but to effectively control a mole problem then you need to make sure they are all caught, quickly and humanely.

Our professional mole catchers travel all over Kent controlling the mole populations, if left unattended the moles will quickly spread causing mole hills on playing fields, lawns, golf courses, paddocks and anywhere there is a sustainable food source for them.

If you are a professional mole catcher working in the Kent area and you would like to be listed on this page for FREE, just fill out the registration form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.