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Mole Catcher In Maidstone, Kent

Your mole control technician in Maidstone is – Kevin Janes

Call – 07476 205 325

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DCM Mole control are experienced mole catchers providing a discreet service to customers in Maidstone and local areas..

Moles are typically very hard to catch due to their fantastic sense of smell which makes it a challenge to anyone who is inexperienced.

Moles are fantastic diggers often leaving a large trail of mole hills after searching for food. Over time these will start to collapse causing unsightly damage to your garden.

We ensure no moles suffer by using strong professional mole traps we have imported to the UK. The internet is flooded by cheap copies which will often result in the mole being caught but not instantly dispatched.

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We don’t charge any fees other than for what we catch. That’s right you pay per mole!

Normally mole infestations in Maidstone will be just 1 or 2 moles but the longer a problem is left then the more chance of other moles moving in will increase.

The Maidstone mole catcher can provide control on lawns, cricket pitches, golf clubs and any domestic job.

If you would like to give us a call to find out more about or Maidstone mole control service then please contact us today.

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We also cover Detling, Weavering, Thurnham, Hollingbourne, Downswood, East Farleigh, East Barming, Blue Bell Hill, Burham, East Malling, West Malling, Aylesford, Coxheath, Loose, Birling, Ryarsh, Addington, Leybourne and surrounding areas in Kent.